Where will J.J. Watt land?


He won’t play for the Texans. So where will J.J. Watt play in 2021?

The folks at PointsBet already have compiled odds. The strong favorite, at +140, is Pittsburgh.

The Packers and Buccaneers come in next at +400 each, with the Ravens at +600, and the Bears at +700.

Four teams land at +1100: Bills, Cowboys, Patriots, and Rams. Two are at +1400; they’re the Browns and Dolphins. The Titans have +1800 odds.

While the Steelers make a ton of sense, given the presence of his brothers, T.J. and Derek, Pittsburgh has a serious cap problem in 2021. Also, given the various changes coming for the Steelers (center Maurkice Pouncey retired earlier today), Watt’s likely objective to get a Super Bowl ring will be harder to achieve in Pittsburgh than in places like Green Bay (in his home state of Wisconsin) or Tampa Bay.

The Bills make plenty of sense along those lines as well, as do the Chiefs. And if Watt would like to stay in the division, how about the Colts?

Wherever Watt goes, he’ll bring not just ability but leadership and buzz. Although he’s far closer to the end than the beginning of his career, Watt can sell tickets and jerseys and create a bond with a city, as he did in Houston.